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The Video Production4 group of companies was founded to offer specific expert advice on how to utilise video within targeted industries. Our 20 years’ experience in the video sector has taught us one thing – one size does not fit all. Video must be created for each individual business and their industries needs.

We have worked extensively across sectors and have a proven record in knowing what works for these sectors in this fast-moving digital age.


About Us

Video Productions4 have worked with many major clients across many sectors, each having a very specific set of specialist technical, IT and engineering requirements that need conveying on video.

We have worked across the UK and abroad in sectors such as glazing, windows manufacturing, food production processes, steel and aluminium manufacturing, yachting,…..etc

Our experienced video production team have the experience and technical knowledge and latest state of the art video equipment needed to create compelling and informative video content for all internal and external requirements including training, sales and promotion.

From the initial contact with our clients, we work with them through every step of the production process to ensure their exact requirements are not only met and exceeded. From storyboards, scripts and location planning through to the filming days, we make sure your message is exactly what is required, and your business is disrupted to the bare minimum.